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Dental implants are one of the most modern methods available for replacing a missing tooth or teeth. William A. Taylor, Jr., DDS, PA, offers high-quality dental implants for their patients who are looking for a more technologically advanced tooth-replacement option. To get started with your dental implants, schedule a visit to their state-of-the-art clinic in Silver Spring, Maryland, today by calling the office or booking a visit online.

Implants Q & A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a revolutionary method for replacing missing teeth. They’re small screws that are made from biocompatible materials like ceramic or titanium. Your dentist or oral surgeon embeds them into your jawbone where you’re missing a tooth.

Because your body doesn’t recognize the biocompatible material as a foreign substance, your implant is able to fuse with your jawbone, providing a strong and sturdy foundation on top of which Dr. Taylor can fit you with a restoration to fully replace your missing tooth.

At William A. Taylor, Jr., DDS, PA, the team works with an off-site lab that can custom-fit your implants to give you the highest-quality and most advanced tooth replacement.

Why should I replace missing teeth?

Missing teeth can have several negative effects on your smile, both cosmetically and medically.

Cosmetically speaking, missing teeth leave unsightly holes in your smile, which can hurt your self-esteem and make you less likely to smile. Implants fill in the missing holes in your smile with a replacement that looks and functions just like the real thing, restoring your confidence and prompting you to share your smile with the world again.

Your jawbone also relies on your teeth for stimulation. When the bone tissue in your jaw isn’t properly stimulated, it deteriorates, or resorbs. This bone loss can leave your jawbone weaker and cause a sunken-in appearance where you’re missing teeth.

Unlike other tooth replacements, like bridges or dentures, dental implants provide your jawbone with healthy stimulation, which protects against bone loss.

What types of restorations do dental implants work with?

Dental implants work with a variety of restorations, like:

  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Dentures

Dr. Taylor consults with you to determine which restorative solution is best suited for your particular needs and preferences.

How do I care for my dental implants?

One of the biggest advantages of dental implants is that they don’t require special care. Because they mimic the structure of your natural teeth, you can treat your dental implant just like a natural tooth. That doesn’t mean that you can neglect them, though. Just like your natural teeth, you need to brush your implants twice a day, floss, and maintain regular check-ups and cleanings with Dr. Taylor to ensure that they stay healthy.

Get started with your dental implants today and schedule your visit with William A. Taylor, Jr., DDS, PA, by phone or online.